Okay we have been attracting great brands to make Uplands their home; and now we have the ‘Greater Good’. Delivering the ingredients for fresh, quality beers and ciders of choice to brew at home means creating great tasting beer on tap pulled from your fridge, within 4 days of receiving them.

“Our mission is to make great tasting drinking accessible to as many people as possible and open up a new world of genuine, Fresh Beer for all, using hand-crafted recipes direct from our Master Brewer, Evangelos Tsionos.

Our innovation – a world’s first method that delivers revolutionary taste. We have spent years developing and refining the precision engineering that has gone into making our ‘Pinter’, which is brew cask and beer tap in one; the holy grail of Fresh Beer.”

We have championed sustainable innovation from the start, from the suppliers we work with to our packaging, and we aim to be carbon neutral by 2021 – everything considered with the planet in mind.”